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Cancer in Pregnancy Symposium Amsterdam AKZ INCIP ABCIP

In collaboration with the Dutch Adviesgroep Kanker en Zwangerschap and the International Network on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy, the ABCIP organizes the 'Cancer in Pregnancy' symposium April 21st and 22nd at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam.

This is a hybrid event, so you can both join in person as well as virtual.
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Thursday April 21st
Morning (AKZ - Dutch speaking)

9:00 Ontvangst met koffie
9:30 Welkom door AKZ voorzitter (dr. C. Lok)
9:45 Casus 1: Mammacarcinoom in de zwangerschap vanuit patiënte, dokter en AKZ perspectief
10:15 Wat doet het PMC? (Prof. dr. M. van den Heuvel-Eibrink)
10:30 Wat doet stichting SterK? (M. Kuethe)
10:45 Koffie
11:30 'Ervaringen van een nationale multidisciplinaire adviesgroep voor kanker in de zwangerschap’ (J.Heimovaara)

12:00 Lunch

Afternoon (ABCIP - English speaking)

13:00 Introduction to ABCIP (Prof. dr. F. Amant)
13:20 Imaging during pregnancy (Prof dr. V. Vandecaveye)
13:50 Immunotherapy during pregnancy (J. Heimovaara)
14:15 Coffee break
14:30 ABCIP - General meeting
15:30 Poster presentations + drinks

17:00 Buffet

Friday April 22nd (INCIP - English speaking)

9:00 Walk-in and coffee
9:15 Introduction to INCIP (Prof. dr. F. Amant)
9:35 Chemotherapy during pregnancy (Dr. E. Ciruelos)
9:55 Selected abstract: ‘Single-cell evaluation of DNA damage in offspring after prenatal exposure to chemotherapy’ (I. Struys)
10:10 Radiotherapy during pregnancy (Prof. dr. P. Poortmans)
10:30 Selected abstract: ‘Evaluation of transplacental transfer of recommended targeted therapies in melanoma via the perfused placental cotyledon model’ (E. Heggarty)
10:45 Coffee break
11:00 Selected abstract: ‘Obstetric and perinatal complications in women presenting with breast cancer during pregnancy 1973-2017 in Sweden: A population-based matched study’ (Prof. dr. P. Poortmans)
11:15 Fertility Preservation (Prof. dr. M. Halaska / Dr. I. Zapardiel)
11: 45 Selected abstract: ‘Obstetric complications at time of delivery amongst breast cancer survivors: a population-based cohort study’ (Prof. dr. P. Poortmans)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Workshops
               Fertility preservation
               Follow-up of the children
14:00 Feedback from workshops
14:15 Brainstorm session
15:30 Farewell drinks